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A Convergence Arts Event

April 7th

Concordia University

SGW Campus, EV1.605


Design: Alexa Piotte

Season 2016-2017.

  April 2017

Studio Visits.
Convergence Arts Event "Brainwaves"

Social Event. Sponsored by Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts.



Studio Visits (Invitation Only).


5:00-7:10     Studio Visits (Dress code: strict BLACK)

             Concordia University - 1515 Ste. Catherine West, EV 6.720


7:10-7:30     Break



Talks (Open to General Public - Free).


7:30-8:40    Brainwaves Talks


7:30   Introduction by Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Rebecca Duclos  


7:40   Talk on art-science collaborations by Ingrid Bachmann  


8:10    Student Panel: Clash/Confusion/Convergence: Thoughts on Collaboration Between the Arts

             and the Sciences.

 Matt Hammond-Collins, Shayna Dwor, Bettina Szabo, Paméla Simard.


























Social (Require Invitation).


8:40-10:00     Cocktail Brainwaves

                     Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery.

Basic to all human thought, emotions, and behaviour is the constant communication between the many neurons within the brain. This constant interaction between neurons, that we will venture to call brainwaves, is what helps individuals formulate ideas. Artists may then materialize these ideas into art. 


With this beautiful and complex system behind creativity in mind, "Brainwaves" is a two-part Convergence Arts Event, that will allow one into some of the processes through which artists transform their thoughts into concrete work of art, being object or performance. On Friday April 7th, 2017, the evening will begin with a private tour of Concordia's Fine Arts facilities led by and offered to Convergence members; Concordia art students will bring McGill neuroscientists in different studio spaces to experience various artistic activities that will generate new perspectives about art making. The second part of the evening will consist of a public conference where Canadian contemporary artist Ingrid Bachmann will speak about her latest body of work, Hybrid Bodies. Her lecture will be followed by a student panel entitled Clash/Confusion/Convergence: Thoughts on Collaboration Between the Arts and Sciences in which Concordia Fine Arts students will speak about their personal processes when producing art, and examine their current collaborative work from the perspective of their respective disciplines.


The public conference will begin at 7:30pm, on Friday April 7th, 2017 in the EV lecture hall located on the first floor, EV 1.605. Concordia University, 1515 Ste. Catherine West.

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