Season 2016-2017.

A convergence neuroscience event

Sensory: Relating to sensation or the senses.


Sensation: a mental process (as seeing, hearing, or smelling) resulting from the immediate external stimulation of a sense organ often as distinguished from a conscious awareness of the sensory process — do not confuse this word with perception.


Sensory system: related to sensory receptors, neural pathways, and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception. Commonly recognized sensory systems are those for vision, auditory, touch, taste, olfaction and vestibular (balance/movement). Senses are transducers from the physical world to the realm of the mind where we interpret the information, creating our perception of the world around us.


Sensory is the second public talk from the Convergence Neuroscience Initiative. We invite you to explore the links between the signals, the pathways carrying them to the brain and the processes before they become perceptions.


visit to the Vision Group BRaIN Program labs 

Sensory was the second Convergence Neuroscience event. Where students of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Concordia Universiy explored the links between the signals, the pathways carrying them to the brain and the processes before they become perceptions. They visited the Vision Labs in the Montreal General Hospital, part of the BRaIN Program of the MUHC to experience from first hand the innovative neuroscience work done by the scientist on those installations.

Sensory - Lab visits

Filmed and produced by Kevin Jung-Hoo Park

Music: "Dawn Chorus" by Boards of Canada


public talk second half

Hunter Shaw, a Ph.D. Candidate from Dr. Yong Rao's Lab, follows the discussion on sensory system focusing on the different solutions found by nature to use other physical signals present in our planet invisible to human senses.

Animals can use different areas of the electromagnetic spectra, sound waves of high frequency, magnetic fields, and electric fields to guide their senses and obtain information from the world that surrounds them.

Sensory - Hunter Shaw, Ph.D. Student

Filmed and produced by Kevin Jung-Hoo Park


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Sensory is coming tomorrow!!! 3 PM in the 6th floor Livingston Hall of the Montreal General Hospital