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5 minute Talks

Season 2016-2017.

  August 2016

August 29th, 5 Minute Talks. Internal Selection. McGill University Health Centre.


Mr. Chris Salmon, Ph.D. Candidate.

"Reshaping Brain Connectivity"

Miss. Dasha Sandra. Psychology Undergrad Student.

"Optogenetics: The Power of Light in Brain Research"

Miss. Claire Gizowski, Ph.D. Candidate.

"How the Brain's Clock Keeps us Hydrated"

Mr. Alex Baldwin, Ph.D. Candidate.

"Building Internal Representations of the Outside World"

Miss. Marie Franquin, Ph.D. Candidate.

"ALS or Neurons Going Out of Control"

Mr. Johannes Kacerovsky, Ph.D. Candidate.

"Mitochondria: Moveable Power Plants in Brain Cells"

Mr. Hunter Shaw, Ph.D. Candidate.

"Visual Connections in the Fruit Fly"

Ms. Sandra Magalhaes, Ph.D. Candidate.

"The Link Between the Sun and Risk of Multiple Sclerosis"

Miss. Sejal Davla, Ph.D. Candidate.

"Starry Nights: Sleep or Party?"

Mr. Steve Beukema, Ph.D. Candidate.

"Seeing is Believing: Pupillary Dilation in Response to Illusory Motion"

Miss. Tatiana Ruiz, M.Sc. Student.

"How I See Concussion"


Critic's Panel.

Ms. Rebecca Duclos, Ph.D.

Dean Faculty Fine Arts - Concordia University.

Ms. pk Langshaw.

Chair of the department of Design and Computation Arts - Concordia University.

Mr. Peter Flemming.

Instructor in Intermedia (Video, performance and electronic arts) - Concordia University.

Mr. Randy Lavoie, Psy.D.

Psychologist at the CHUM - Hôpital Notre-Dame.

Miss. Yvonne Gardner.

Secretary of the BRaIN Program - Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre.

Dr. Ali Gorji.


Ms. Sabine K Dhir, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Programs Officer, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies - McGill University.

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