meghan RILEY

Music & Voice Composition.
Concordia University. 

Exquisite Overlap deconstructs the mechanics of stereo-vision, pulling it apart into the two different perspectives of each eye. It is in the variance of these two points of view that creates our 3D vision; sculpts a scene into depth; breaks the camouflage of spatial layers blending into one and clarifies the space between. Exquisite Overlap is a deck of training cards for participants to practice Free-fuse convergence of their eyes, a technique that merges two separate photographs together in order to create an artificial and illusory 3D scene. It is a technique that requires practice, but has the potential of training stereo-vision and is used in vision therapy programs for those who are stereo-blind. The Free-fuse photographs feature a snowy forest where 3D sight is aroused and activated by multiple layers of branches that assert their placement in space, out of the camouflage of blending greys and browns. 


B.A. Psychology, M.Sc. Neuroscience, McGill University. 

Ph.D. Candidate Neuroscience McGill University. 

Steve Beukema is a magician, a musician, and a neuroscientist. Beukema loves to run, watch television, write goofy poems and host events. Beukema has always been obsessed with magic tricks and the way they generate a profound emotional response. He occasionally composes new pieces of music on the piano when creativity strikes. 

Steve Beukema is currently in the middle of his PhD in Neuroscience, working in a vision lab at McGill University. Beukema loves exploring the unknown and learning new things about the fantastic ways our brain behaves, or misbehaves. His research at the moment focuses on the clash between objective reality and subjective perception. Since perception is simply an abstraction of the physical world, Beukema’s research questions revolve around understanding the difference between what we see, and what is actually there. 

Photo by Kevin Jung-Hoo Park

Exquisite Overlap, 2017.

Meghan Riley and Steve Beukema, Wood, mirror, cardstock.

Photo by C. Zaelzer

Photo by C. Zaelzer

Photo by C. Zaelzer

Photo by Alex Tran

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