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Season 2016-2017.

  November 2016

Neurosciences Convergence Talk "The Black Box"

Open Lab "Tools to Listening the Brain" (Genetics, Electrophysiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Imaging).

Social Event. Sponsored by CAN and the BRaIN Program.



Open Labs (Just for Arts Students Inscribed in Convergence).


3:00     Cristian Zaelzer Ph.D, Founder & Director of Convergence Initiative.

  Montreal General Hospital, Livingston Hall, L7-140


3:10     Open Lab "Tools to Listen the Brain"

  Visit labs of the BRaIN Program of the MUHC.

  Montreal General Hospital, Livingston Hall, 11th & 12th floors.




Talks (Open to General Public - Free).


5:00     Neuroscience Convergence Talk "The Black Box”

 Montreal General Hospital, Livingston Hall, L6-500


5:00    Miss. Marie Franquin, Ph.D. Candidate. 



5:25     Questions & Answers.


5:35     Miss. Sejal Davla, Ph.D. Candidate.



6:00     Questions & Answers.




Social (Require Invitation).


6:20     Opening of Neuroscience Convergence Talk Social.

           Montreal General Hospital, Livingston Hall, L6-500.

Our brain, the mysterious Black Box. That incredible structure enclosed inside the skull that controls hundreds of unconscious actions during our daily lives. The black box is that fascinating place which is behind humankind's greatest’s achievements. Birthplace of creativity, thought, love and passion.

The Black Box is a neuroscience talk that is part of the Convergence Initiative. The purpose behind it is to explain the basics of the brain function to an audience composed of non-neuroscientists. Come and join us to listen and learn about the brain, from the electrical signals traveling through neurons to the molecules flowing towards synapses. Let our speakers guide you in this amazing adventure of knowledge and discovery.

Join us to open the secret door on Friday, November 25th, from 5 PM to 6 PM at the 6th floor Livingston Hall Lounge (Room L6 500) of the Montreal General Hospital. Directions: Metro Guy-Concordia, exit Guy Street; bus 165 or 435 up to the hospital.


The Convergence Initiative is a project bringing together the BRaIN Program from the RI-MUHC, Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, and the Canadian Association for Neuroscience in a joint effort to serve neurosciences to the general public through the arts.

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