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  April 2020

Convergence Science Symposium.

April 18th, 2020. Zoom Webinars Format.

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The Convergence course, hosted at Concordia University, invites students to creatively explore the intersection of arts, neuroscience, and society, and how these domains shape the understandings of ourselves and others. Concordia Fine Arts students team up with (neuro)science students from the BRaIN Program of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, and the Integrated Program in Neuroscience of McGill University to create collaborative projects which converge artistic and scientific research.

For the teams, a final exhibition shows their collaborative efforts. For the scientists, an special Science Symposium allows them to showcase the alternative methods learned during the two-semester class to communicate their science. This is not just an art workshop based on neuroscience research; it is a course dedicated to exploring the use of emotion and art in Science Communication. 

As society fights a global pandemic, we postponed the final exhibition for the late summer of 2020 and moved the Science Symposium to an online experience hosted in Zoom webinar format. We want to invite you to enjoy 13 different science communication ideas, plus two amazing short talks by SciArtists Amanda Dawn Christie, and Francois-Joseph Lapointe.


Saturday, April 18th 2020.

Zoom Webinar. (Starting at 3:25 PM)

3:25 Opening Science Symposium (Cristian Zaelzer - Founder & President of The Convergence Initiative).


Convergence SciArt Talk
3:30 Amanda Dawn Christie (Intermedia Art).

Science Symposium
4:00 Pauline Palma (Storytelling Poetry).
4:10 Lani Cupo (Contemporary Sculpture).
4:20 Sonja Soo (Zine).
4:30 Anusha Kamesh (Music Composition).
4:40 Ana Farias de Sousa (Documentary).
4:50 Qian Ren (Pedagogical Model).
5:00 Theresa Degenhard (Animation).
5:10 Dhruv Mehrotra (Music Deconstruct).
5:20 Karen Freire (Game Design).
5:30 Lola Welsh (Parallel Testimonial).
5:40 Yufang Ruan (Stand-up Comedy).
5:50 Kendra Oudyk (Furniture Design).
6:00 C.William Yao (Storytelling).

Convergence SciArt Talk
6:10 PM Francois-Joseph Lapointe (BioArt).

6:40 PM Closing Science Symposium (Bettina Forget - VicePresident & Art Director of The Convergence Initiative).

Science Symposium 2020.

Science Communication with non-traditional methods.

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