Cecilia Kramar 𝄅 Molly Taylor 𝄅 Man Zhou

fabric, yarn, metal strips, wood, foam, pressure sensors, motors, micro-controllers
20" x 20" (top) 35" x 35" (bottom)

artist statement


Close your eyes. Now, imagine you have a third eye that lives in your inner body, and sees everything your body experiences. What would it see? This imaginative concept takes us to wonder about how we embody changes in our inner-self when nature heals us.  Imagine again, laying down on the moss, as you are feeling the warm sunshine and the chill spring breeze, you are carried by the submerging sensation of freshness and comfort. For a moment, you forget about your worries and your heart feels lighter. Then, you open this third eye, and you see a soft white form, slowly dancing in the void, caressing your insecure mind with each movement. And then, as you stare at it, countless colours seem to paint on this white surface and become the scene you see in your inner self. 


Ebb in flow was inspired by the flowing sensations of cortisol levels in the body, responding to the stresses in the daily environments. These ever-changing cortisol levels vary when we let ourselves indulge in nature’s calm and restorative abilities, a phenomenon that has yet to be pin-pointed, but whose power is true, nonetheless. The nature-inspired mossy seat invites the viewer to change their cortisol level when taking the chance to sit down, to feel the softness beneath them, sense the smells, and see a visual representation of a calming inner body.